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Mighty Max Plus One Garden Cart Green Tub With NEW Yellow All-Terrain Wheels
PRICE: $189.00

Unique Full 2-Year Parts Warranty on our Flatbed Carts.

Our extremely versatile and patented Mighty Max Carts are manufactured by several Texas thermo-forming companies. These experts are experienced in making high-tech parts for NASA’s space shuttle program and other government agencies.

All Mighty Max products are Made In America and 100% recyclable.

We use a proprietary blend of custom polymer resins that make up 95% of our carts. These resins withstand all types of weather conditions like near the ocean, hot sand, cold weather and snow, and the carts remain flexible and rigid in both hot and cold environments. They will never rust, crack, melt, or oxidize. Our NEW Super Wheels will never go flat, no bearings, and sturdy enough to roll over all kinds of terrain like sand, mud, gravel and rocky surfaces. Our unique wheels will never mar your indoor flooring. This is how we can offer our Unique Full 2 Year Parts Warranty on our Flatbed Carts. The Mighty Max frame easily expands from 31” to 34.5” and then again to 38” in length. The telescoping handle retracts to 22? and extends to 34? and folds under the frame for easy storage and transportation.

Under normal use, the Mighty Max Cart lineup of products will not break, warp or dent. They will never rust or need painting. They are engineered to last a life-time and they are 100% recyclable.